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  I. General rule
In order to ensure user’s benefits, the Company always implements operation philosophy of “user first, quality first, dedication boutique, returns social”. It is practical for the sake of users and can relieve the troubles back home using our products. We solemnly assure: for various products produced by Harbin Jiancheng North Special Auto Co., Ltd, if there is Warranty Card, invoices and contract warranty and the quality failure are indeed caused by our products defects, our company will implement “three guarantees” within warranty period, and if the product is out of warranty period, our company will repair it and provide product life-long service after charging reasonable costs according to actually incurred costs. 
  II. Free "three guarantees" range
1 Where the customer purchases the product manufactured by our company, under the premise of the customer complies with the requirements of Warranty Card and Manual (including the manual for all parts and accessories) to carry out proper operation, maintenance, storage and storage and within the warranty period, for any quality failure caused by the product defects, Harbin Jiancheng North Special Auto Co., Ltd, will provide free maintenance to relevant components or replace and restore product performance.
 (2) For various finished parts supported from other manufacturers by Harbin Jiancheng North Special Auto Co., Ltd, under the premise of being in line with the requirements of Warranty Card and Manual (including the manual for all parts and accessories) and proper operation, maintenance, storage and transportation, for any quality failure caused by the product defects within warranty period, the customer can report to our company, and our company will coordinate with the supporting manufacturer to freely repair or replace.
  III. The scope which does not belong to free “three guarantees” but can implement charge maintenance:
1. The damages caused by customer’s improper operation, maintenance, storage and transportation within warranty period, failure caused by customer alterations, demolition and repair on their own within warranty period, incomplete components and parts, failure caused by violating manual operation, customers find problems but without timely maintenance within warranty period while continue to use and result in further damages.
2 Fail to present Warranty Card and invoices, alter invoices, out of warranty period, unconformity of filling medium and filling weight with the product, and damages caused by force majeure.
  IV. Commitment to response time:
After receiving information feedback of product quality problems, our company will respond within 24 hours, and send specially assigned person for service within 48 hours if necessary. (Domestic)
   V. Procedures:
   1. If the products produced by our company fail to work, and our company is required to provide leave factory services, please call us and fill out the Warranty Contact in Warranty Card (the picture information should be provided for the failure) and return us the feedback information to analyze, make timely responses and deal with problems quickly and accurately by our company.
    (2) The costs generated by direct repair, replacement parts and business travel in line with the scope of free “three guarantees” should be borne by our company. (Domestic)
   3 Our company will not bear the relevant losses caused by cleaning filling media and will not bear indirect losses.
4. For any problems out of free “three guarantees”, our company can provide technical maintenance services, and the costs should be borne by the customer.
   VI. After-sale service contact unit:
       Harbin Jiancheng North Special Auto Co., Ltd
       Customer service telephone: 0451--55101857
       Fax: 0451-55132762
       E-mail: lsq5215@126.com
       Address: No 7, Xiangyun Road, Pingfang District, Harbin
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